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Yoga Teacher and Feminine Form Ayurveda Coach

Yoga has taught me how to become mindful, to become grounded and comfortable in my physical and mental body. Having felt disconnected for most of my life, yoga has shown me how to be in the present moment to value what is here right now.

For me Yoga isn’t just a physical practice on my mat, it is a way of life. My practice has taught me to be present, to listen to my body, my mind and breath, from this I have found peace in the most difficult of times.

My inspiration to train as a yoga teacher was to help shed light on Yoga, it can bring us deep connection and depth to ourselves and our lives. My classes are inspired by the Chinese 5 elements, Indian ayurvedic natural medicine and simple but meaningful quotes from my favourite books, one being; ‘The Art of Peace’ by Morihea Ueshiba and ‘The Buddha’s Teaching’ by Thich Nhat Hanh.

May you be well, may you be happy



Yoga Teacher

Geni is a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and has been practicing yoga since she was 13 when her mother sent her to a yoga class in desperation. She did her training with Claire Murphy Yoga in 2014 and has been teaching ever since.

She’s been teaching at Sunrise Yoga for 5 years, her classes are strong on alignment and all about the flow. every class has a theme, mostly based on how we can use yoga to increase our connection to everything. 

Her aim is to help students make sense of the time they spend off their mats through their time on their mats.


Yoga Teacher

A passionate and devoted Yoga & Meditation teacher, a ‘purveyor of the peaceful practices’


As a practitioner of over 20 years, Claire embodies the gentle philosophies of yoga into every strand of life.  As a means to rediscovering our natural state of radiance and bliss, and a deepening connection to our inner peace.  With a strong ethos that Yoga is a profoundly important life tool for everybody, as a means for harmonizing mind, body & soul, Claire ensures that her classes feel accessible and welcoming for everybody.


Teaching a blend of Hatha & vinyasa, suffused with meditation, breathwork and aromatherapy, a distillation of the practices which have been pivotal in her own journey.

These classes are simply blissful.

Favourite Sanskrit mantra:

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu


“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Maggie trained as a certified Kundalini yoga teacher with Guru Singh and continues her study with his 13 moons graduate circle. She has also trained in energy healing modalities including Shamanic healing and Reiki level 2 as well as training with tatty bumpkin to provide yoga based classes to children

She has been a practioner of meditation, Buddhism, shamanism and various spritual disciplines for over 30 years, and added Yoga to her practices around 20 years ago to connect and relate more to the physical body.

She discovered Kundalini Yoga several years ago, whilst looking for a practice that was inclusive of all the various pathways she followed,  it didn’t take long to see the  integrated practice of Kundalini yoga was what she was looking for and that she had found her spiritual “home”. 

As a teacher of KY and mediation she is devoted to sharing this tranformative practice as a method for self discovery, healing and self empowerment, her classes  offer an opportunity to increase self awareness, increase the flow of pranic energy ,remove unneccessary blocks.  enhance vitality radiance and joy

Her 1-hour classes are aimed at beginners / those new to the practice but all levels are welcome

In addition, she also teaches kundalini yoga for teens which give them the tools to help with anxiety, confidence and the many other challenges that teenagers face in today’s world.

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Sound Journey Teacher

Suzanne uses a whole spectrum of interments from crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, bells & voice to weave together a beautiful sound healing journey. 



Yoga Teacher

Over the years I have been drawn to yoga in all forms and shapes. Learning Hypnobirthing, Mindfulness and Breathwork equipped me with invaluable skills for life. Upon completion of the Yoga Teacher Training I gained a better understanding of the Yogic Philosophy (8 limbs of Yoga) which I intend to share with students in my classes. 


Ultimately, I believe we find inspiration in others but if we want to transform something in our life, it is completely our responsibility to put in the work. I am fascinated with how our minds work, how our bodies communicate with us, and how the invisible energies work in mysterious ways to guide us in this world. 


When I am not stretching, twisting and balancing on the mat, you can find me paddle boarding, setting up crystal grids and using my skillset to make positive impact. I also organise an annual public yoga event on the International Yoga Day bringing local community of teachers, yogis and other enthusiasts together for a real wellbeing feast! At the end of the day, I am a humble yoga student who inspires to share what I’ve learnt so far. If you feel drawn, come to my classes or reach out to talk.


Here’s a bit more about my healing journey:

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